My focus is on taking the classical tradition and applying it to contemporary subjects that reflect a part of who I am.  I understand that every painting I create, whether in oil, pastel, portrait or still life, must tell a story integral to what I am connected to even if they are seemingly mundane objects.  I believe there is a quiet beauty to everything and the long hours I take to render my pieces of art aid me in finding a part of that tranquility.  I strive to tell a story of reflection infusing symbols of time, age, beauty, the in between, and the power of Zen.  The battle between light and dark has always intrigued me and portraying an elegant balance in my work is what I seek most.

Inspired by the Old World Flemish and Dutch Masters and their use of Tenebrism, much of my work demonstrates chiaroscuro (the revelation of subjects through the vigorous contrast of light and dark), where darkness becomes paramount in the feature of my paintings.  Caravaggio and later the Utrecht School were commonly credited with the creation of this style, although this technique was applied by earlier artist to great effect, the result, a telling tale of emotion through the rendering of light and obscure shadows. 

Primarily self-taught, I found myself most engaged when painting with oils or pastels.  Having worked as an illustrator for years, I learned to combine techniques to maximize the use of these mediums for greater resolution.  Recently, I’ve routinely opted for painting with pastels.  For me, pastel is the purest method of painting, since pure color is used without a fluid medium, and the pastel is applied directly to the ground.  Because of this, I find a richer connection to my work, and unlike a typical pastel artists who might work with hard pastels first ensuring enough tooth on their ground for the later application of soft pastels, I tend to work the opposite, ensuring just enough tooth to blend my final details.  I find repose becoming lost in the intricacies of textures and fine detail, imparting life and vibrancy into each individual subject, all the while remaining aware of keeping the piece unified through harmony of color and composition.

I am never too timid to try a new product or a new technique.  After all, it seems the lessons learned have served more to teach me about the person I am, my perception of the obscure, and my attachment to the world around me.  I long to impart sincerity, contemplation, and an admiration for the classical in a contemporary world.

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